Welcome to Ambrz Art, where everything is handmade by us, Amber and husband Marty, on the northern coast of California in
Humboldt County.  I have been creating for as long as I can remember, but started working with copper in 1995.  First making metal
jewelry to add to my beading skills, then making larger pieces when an art gallery in Lake Tahoe in 2001 asked me to, and that is when
"Jewelry for Your Home & Garden" was born. I love using salvaged and recycled materials-copper, steel and brass scraps from
construction projects, to vintage jewelry and beads, to treasures found at the beach or anywhere else I can find them.  In 2011, I also
started fusing my own glass pieces to use in my work, sometimes from beach or broken glass, sometimes from other glass artists' leftover
scraps.  Each piece therefore becomes a One-of-a-Kind Work of Art and is signed by the  Artist, either with an "AJ" (made by me) or an
"MJ" (made by Marty).
About Us
About Us
About Us

Most of my artwork is designed to go indoors and outdoors. The wind chimes are decorative enough for inside, and the decorative
pieces look lovely hanging outside: which is why I call it "Jewelry for Your Home & Garden"!  Think of it as the crowning touch to an
outfit - put them where your environment needs more "bling!" Try hanging pieces on trees or plants, vases, in windows on suction cups,
on thumb tacks on walls, or on hooks from the ceiling. Use your imagination! I love using transparent beads so you get beautiful light
shining through them when hung in a window or outdoors. Too heavy for a suction cup? Use fishing line or chain hung from a nail to hang
it in just the right spot in front of a window. Some of our art may include vintage jewelry and these pieces may be better left indoors
during harsh weather conditions, and copper and steel will change appearance if left untreated outdoors, but the choice of course is up to
you, some people like the weathered look.

To keep the "rainbow colors" that have been heat-treated into the copper or to keep steel from rusting: Keep it indoors and hang
it in your window! :) Or, we suggest lightly spraying it with any clear spray paint you may have for metal
BEFORE putting it outside,
otherwise steel may rust and copper develops a lovely patina over a very long time: first turning dark brown, then turning verdigris green
like the Statue of Liberty (which is also made of copper for its long lasting durability). Some people like to watch it change and patina
over time, many of our customers have let us know that, so we leave it untreated for you to decide!
Caring for Ambrz Art

I love doing custom pieces, so If you have an idea for something, just ask me! Send me as many details as you can for what you want, and
I'll send you back a price quote.
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Email: AmbrzArt1@yahoo.com
Telephone: (707)443-7815  9am to 9pm Pacific Time, be sure to leave a message if no one answers and I'll get back to you as soon as
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