~ Heavenly Wall Art ~ Suns, Moons & Stars, Hearts and Crosses that can hang on your wall!
"North Star"
Copper or Steel Moon w/ Stars
Small (14" x 14") $100

(19" x 19") $150

Large (
24" x 24") $300
SPECIFY: Swirly or Regular Wire Rays
Add Oak Leaf Wire Swirl $20
Hangs  by Bar Hook on Back
"North Star"
As Shown: Large Steel Moon w/ Swirly Wire Rays
Copper & Steel Stars
"North Star"
As Shown:  Large Steel Moon w/
Regular Wire Rays &
Oak Leaves Wire Swirl
Copper & Steel Stars
"North Star"
As Shown: Medium Copper Moon
w/  Regular Wire Rays
Copper Stars
"Sunny Daze"
Serene 3D Copper  Sun Face
Small (14" x 14") $175

(2' x 2') $250

(3' x 3')  $350

Face is Hammered to look 3D
- Ask about adding a Colored Bead to
the rays that match your decor! -

Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
Copper Heart w/ Recycled Glass Bud Vase
"Heart Burn" Heart with Flames (26" wide x 23" high) $250

"Heart Burn" Solid Heart* w/ Flames
(23"wide x 20"high) $100

"Love Heals All" Heart without Flames
(15" wide x 14" high) $140

"Love Heals All" Solid Heart* w/o Flames
(12"wide x 14" high) $75

*Solid Heart is made from One Piece of Copper w/ Laced On Vase.
Recycled Glass Bud Vase can Hold Water or use Dried or Silk Flowers
Hangs by a Bar Hook on Back of Each Half of Heart, or
One Bar on back of Solid Heart
"Dusk 'til Dawn"
Copper Sun,  Steel Moon
Medium (15" wide x 10" high) $75

(15" wide x 22" high) $90

ADD $40 to make Matching Face on Sun

Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
Solid Rayed Sun
"Sun Burst" Pop Out Spiral Center  $75

"Eclipse" Steel Moon on Sun $100

"Total Eclipse" Steel Moon & Sun Face $140
All Are 15" wide x 19" high
Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
As Shown: Steel Moon & Sun Face
"Solar System"
Copper Sun w/ Moon & Stars on Rays
Small (20" x 20")  $75

(30" x 30")  $100
Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
"Solar System"
As Shown: Small
Copper w/ Brass Circle Accent
Medium (10"wide x 12"tall)  $50
Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
"Happy Daze"
Steel w/ Copper Sunglasses
(18"wide x 15"tall)  $80
Hangs by Bar Hook on Back
"Heart Burn"
As Shown: Heart w/ Flames
"Sunny Daze"
As Shown: Large
"Dusk 'til Dawn"
As Shown: Medium, face on Moon only
Copper & Steel
"Dusk 'til Dawn
"As Shown: Large w/ face on Sun
Copper & Steel
"Sun Burst"
As Shown: Pop Out Spiral Center
"Heart Burn"
As Shown: Solid Heart w/ Flames